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Stores Open on Christmas 2010 for your Guide in Shopping

Stores Open on Christmas 2010 for your Guide in Shopping – It’s Christmas Day 2010 today and what do you expected to do on this much celebrated event like Christmas? Millions of people celebrate this special day with families, rushing home, doing last minute shopping and gift giving with friends, families and loved ones.

Moreso, the retailers will be more than happy to take the most out of the active shoppers’ pockets but of course, during holiday, they cannot force their staff to go to the stores and work on such holidays maybe because instead of working, they might spend their time also with their family on Christmas.

So the question here, what stores open on Christmas 2010? Where are you going to buy the gift and Christmas presents for your loved ones and families if you are one of those who do not love to have a stitch in time.

What Stores and restaurants are open on Christmas Day 2010. If you are looking for the stores and restaurants open on Christmas 2010 and don’t know where to starts, here are your guide:

Giant stores like Walmart, Target, Kmart, Old Navy and Toy R US were open on Christmas eve, December 24 but will be all closed on Christmas Day, December 25, 2010. But should you need to make a quick shopping to the store, Walgreens will be open and so are with lot of CSV locations and Rite-Aid as well.

Target stores, on the other hand, across the nation will remain closed on the Christmas Day 2010, December 25, 2010, and on 26th Dec they will serve their customers from 7 a.m. through 11 in the night. In a press release Sam’s Club said that all their outlets will operate from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m on 26th.

And for all the coffee lovers out there who wake up this Christmas morning and discovered that your out of coffee, Starbucks will be open depending on your location. Just check out their official website to know what branch of Starbucks is open this Christmas 2010. Furthermore, Honey Dew Donuts will be open on Saturday from 6 am to noon. Custom House Coffee, located at West Main Road and King Charles Drive will be closed for Christmas.

For food and merchandise, the TA Truck Stops and Flying J will be on the road to serve you this Christmas Day 2010. You may also check those convenience stores like Quick Check, Winn-Dixie, 7-11 and Circle K because they will be open on Christmas to serve you also

Lastly, most big theatres and movie houses are open up at least on Christmas Day night just about the time you need to get out and get this holiday behind you. You may check out the movie that you want to watch with your families and loved ones.

This is Christmas Day 2010 and this is the best time to enjoy the day, celebrate and have fun with your families, kids and loved ones. Merry Christmas to everyone!

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